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Step Into Your Power


June 28-30, 2019

Pawling, New York

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Dear Soul,

  • Are your tired of just going through the motions in life feeling EMPTY, LOST and DISCONNECTED?

  • TIRED of being triggered by your family, craving peace and harmony in all relationships?

  • Are you HUNGRY for nourishing relationships where you feel safe to be your full self?

  • Tired of not being able to speak up and SHOVING DOWN your thoughts and feelings?

  • Feel ANXIOUS about making decisions, AFRAID it’s going to be the wrong one?

  • Do you find yourself feeling LOST and NUMB, lacking motivation and drive?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above,

I'm here to tell you that life doesn't have to be this way!

You are a sweet soul and you deserve to live a life you desires, creating it with clarity and precision - A life rich on pleasure, greater vitality & supporting relationships. 

"Start to live your life from a place of love,
rather than fear."



Living life, connected to yourself, navigating yourself and making decisions with clarity and confidence with no regrets.

Expressing your needs freely without a fear of being judged or rejected.


Be 100% you, not afraid to lose friends and connections.


Feeling alive, creative and motivated - entirely enjoying what life has to offer.


Living life full of purpose, beauty, creativity & vitality.


Feeling connected and nourished throughout all your relationships

It's possible!

& Live from a      place of 


In Your Life    


Are you 

Ready to make a change

You are invited to...

Pawling, Upstate New York

'Growing Heart Farm' 

June 28-30, 2019

led by Katia Slottke

Step Into

Your Power 

3 Day Transformational Retreat
A 3 Day journey transforming the way we see live, form survival to creation mode

Join me and an intimate group of extraordinary beings for a transformational experience, in the beautiful ‘Growing Heart Farm’ Upstate New York June 28-30, 2019

This 3 day retreat is developed to transform your life and help you fully step into your power & start living a life from a place of authenticity, creating the life you are longing for. Start living a life from feeling anxious, empty, disconnected and lost at times, to feeling self-love, fulfilled & vital, connected to yourself, others and life itself.

Release your trauma armor and allow the energy to flow to create a life full of aliveness, connection with yourself and others, nourishing relationships and creativity besides all other yummy feelings we crave day in day out.

About the Process: 

This retreat focuses on the inward journey toward transformation. During this retreat we will be using yoga, movement, meditation and the BioDynamic Breath for Trauma Release method to access the mental, physical and energetic blockages to begin to open places where chronic tension is being held in the body. This tension or blocks consist of thought patterns, belief structures and ideas an individual has of themselves. As the energy accumulates, vibrates and begins to create more space, the body creates a communication with the mind, allowing the individual to have their own understanding, insight and experience into their internal world, seeing any unprocessed feelings and trauma they have been storing in the body, as well as ineffective theories they have been functioning out of, in order to clear and pave the way for transformation. As we gently move out beyond the protection of the armors and layers we cultivated throughout our lifes, we find safety and empowerment. This retreat will break up your energy blocks and help to realign to their true self and feel empowered to create the changes necessary to live authentically and in alignment with your nature.

In this 3 Day Retreat you will:

  • Release chronic tension from the body

  • Release stored traumas and stress

  • Access chronic body armoring

  • Free stuck energy and remove energetic blocks

  • Open up the breath for a higher oxygen intake and circulation

  • Increase capability to feel

  • Learn to move blocked energy in your body

... and much more.


A successful and lasting transformation requires the integration of all parties involved. In the 'Step Into Your Power Retreat' we will work with different tools and techniques approaching the mind & body to reach the soul. Only when the body and mind align we achieve healthy balance in our life. 


The mind is so powerful tool that influences how we see and interact with life. Trauma, stress, conditioning, negative experiences re-wires our brain in an attempt to protect you. You will learn to identify your mind chatter, patterns, beliefs and condition and apply different mindful practices to cultivate peace and clarity. An integration phase will allow the learned to sink in deeply.


Using breath and conscious movement will open up the body and clear out old, stuck energy blocks to get the energy flowing again. Different awareness techniques and meditations will teach you to identify present sensations, 

allowing you to sink into your body more deeply and completely opening you up to receiving greater pleasure in your life. 


Opening up the body and the mind, you will connect to your innermost self and core, allowing you to speak, think and act from your truest and most authentic self. Let’s truly “SEE YOU”, your potential. Discover how freedom feels like. This true knowing through experiencing allows you to step into your power using your body and mind, to live the life of your dreams. 

What you can expect

Arrival: Friday 3pm

Departure: Sunday 5:30pm

Group: Max. capacity of 10-12 participants

The 'Step Into Your Power' retreat has been carefully curated by Katia to involve a guided program of instruction, sharing and integrating (journaling, sharing silence) for transformational results.  

Program Contents

  • Talks​

  • Guided Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Cacao Ceremony 

  • Conscious Movement

  • Breathwork

  • Workshops & Exercises

  • Dance

  • Sharing Circles & Socializing

  • Fire Ceremony

"The Heart Cannot be broken.
Only the heart walls can."

Hi I’m Katia Slottke, soul liberation coach and I'm passionate about helping you to get your life back on track and live it from your power. 


It cost us so much energy to keep our heart walls/trauma armors up to protect our hearts. So we don’t fully live up this life to its full potential and radiance.

Because it’s cost so much energy and resources to keep up the walls, the energy is lacking to really live the life we desire full of beauty, creativity, ease and connection.


People see me and tell me today that I am radiant. Because I am. And believe me, I wasn’t there. There was a time in my life where I used up all my energy to keep my life together and keeping up a mask of independence and success. That cost me all my energy that I couldn’t put into my passions and dreams. Things I really cared for. When I am scared I’m not able to experience life. I felt empty and alone, albeit having a family, husband and friends. I felt so lonely inside, while all seemed happy happy outside. Until it all fell apart, and I realized I do not have control. Control is an illusion. I was tired of wasting my life, not living it fully. To truly be free I needed to free myself inside and step into my true self, my power center, to start living my life to its full potential. And I was the one who was wasting my precious life, my precious energy into this illusion, rather than making most of it. Today I am in a different space. Where I allow beauty to flow into my life. Where I love and live life fully.


This retreat program is based on tools and techniques that helped me to break through my protection and survival instincts and start living a life from my power center.


"Thank you for teaching & guiding. My heart leaves expanded. My heart is full of love. Great fullness."

Juan Pablo, Barcelona
“First step to healing your patterns,
is the awareness of having them.”
This Retreat 

is for you, if you...


Wishing to let go and transcend everyday fears and anxiety. 

Ready to feel lighter and live your fullest expression of life.

Ready to break free from being trapped in a loop of pattern that keep you stuck with same results.

Ready to own your full potential.

Ready to live a rich and radiant life.


Greater clarity in your choices & decisions 


Letting go of negative self-image & believes


Connect with your needs, desires & your environment everyday


Increase your ability to connect deeper & create

nourishing relationships


Releasing chronic tensions and eliminating physical pain


Regulate your nervous system & your ability to deal with

challenging situations in your life


Connection with your authentic being, to live with greater

joy and peace

This Is

how you will Benefit

Register Now

Our Sanctuary 

Our Sanctuary

Growing Heart Farm is community focused farm dedicated to cultivate a conscious community through sustainable living and education. Growing Heart has many special spots to explore across acres of mixed natural habitats. Our swimming hole is just steps from the house.


Only 70 miles from New York City by Metro North Train very easy accessible. 

Workshop Space

Rustic yoga studio with an altar space for evenings and lots of secluded farm property to hold workshops at for the complete immersion with nature. 


We have shared accommodation in various dwellings decorated with love. 


Our experienced chef take pride in creating delicious, healthy meals using home-grown and where possible organic and always locally-sourced ingredients, to prepare nutritious vegetarian dishes.


Are you 

Ready to


Your Life?



Katia introduced me to this type of healing work and she really helped me navigate my emotions during a difficult time. There was a lot of pain stored in my body, and Katia created a safe space to help slowly start drawing it out of me. I am so grateful for the love, kindness and empathy that she showed me.

Amanda, New York
Retreat Price: 
  • All retreat activities

  • All meals (vegetarian - raw and cooked meals, snacks)

  • Fruit and tea throughout the day

  • 1 hr private integration call after post retreat 

What' is not included?
  • Transportation to/from Growing Heart Farm

No previous experience in Yoga, Breathwork, Trauma Healing is required to attend this retreat. 
What is Included?
  • Shared accommodation for 2 nights(extra fee applies to those needing single occupancy accommodation)



Are you ready for change in your life & want to join the transformation?

Step 1

Fill in the questionnaire below so that I can get to know you a little better and I will get back to you shortly.

Step 2

Pay retreat in full or a deposit of $333 to secure your spot. Only when your application is accepted, we will charge the deposit or full amount to your credit card.

Enter your billing information below: 

Payment Options

Thank you for your registration.

I will review your application and will get back to you with a confirmation shortly.

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