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The Power of an Open Heart

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

To live with an open heart, requires lots of courage as it can be broken anytime. Why is it still of amazing value to be brave and open it - every moment of your life?

In my mid twenties, I created a life for myself that some people would label as ‘successful’. I was married to a handsome man. People perceived us as a power couple. I was independent, working as a freelancer in NYC in the digital world with day rates up to $700. We spent summers and NYC and escaped the cold in winter, traveling to exotic destinations.

However, I did not feel successful at all. The truth underneath it all was that I felt lonely, disconnected and numb.

Why? Because my past experiences as a child, created ‘walls’ around my heart, manifested as muscular tension, protecting me from feelings of pain. However, no other feeling could really reach it deeply, to touch my heart. To make me feel. I was disconnected from my body, living in my head.

My mind tried to replicate feelings in my mind, but they weren’t real.

To feel something I started to chase experiences that made me feel and filled me up: Travels, eating, fights with my partner, drugs etc.

That chase led me to the amazonian Jungle in 2016 where I was gifted an experience of an open heart. In that very moment, it seemed I healed my past and the walls came down. I felt feelings I haven’t felt before. My heart was radiant. I was full. My soul was happy. I felt love. I was love. This experience motivated me to heal my past through different methods involving the body.

It’s possible for you too!

All of us experienced events or situations in life that hurt so deeply, that made us close our heart and dimmed our light. Afraid to feel that pain again, we keep our hearts close and reserved for very special people in our lives. If we are lucky to meet that one to open our heart towards to, to feel again. And if we do, we attach and cling very hard, still fearful to be hurt by that partner too at some point. So sometimes then even, if we do find the one, we don’t open our hearts completely, but instead adapt to operate from the mind - playing mind games, trying to control, are constantly on a watch out. An open heart makes us very vulnerable.

What are the benefits then of an open heart?

Remember that moment you fell first time in love with someone. Do you remember how did your heart feel? How did you feel? How did the world around you look like?

When I think about my first time, I remember a warm, pleasant sensation in my heart. So energized. Light. Radiant. Seeing the world with excitement, with the focus on everything positive. Colored by an open heart, anything you do brings you lots of pleasure. You are not seeing only the light in the end of the tunnel with an open heart, but you also become that light for others. Your open heart is contagious. You can spark that light in other people and spread your love. If you choose to.

With an open heart comes an open mind. Which means we are feeling more and thinking less. We can meet people without judgment, but with kindness and acceptance. And because of that, it's possible to truly connect to people around you. Heart to heart. Every time we find the courage to forgive, we spread love. Life presents us with daily opportunities to share a little, or a whole lotta love. Every single time we do, an angel sprouts new wings and cries silver tears of joy. Okay, that angel thing doesn’t really happen, but we do absolutely serve ourselves and our world through love.

Love makes the most difference in every area that matters.

To sum up the benefits again:

1. Accessing the source of energy:

By channeling love through an open heart you access the source of all energy as it connects you with your divine nature and with everything around you. You constantly can harvest love too and that energy that keeps you going through an excitement and curiosity to live life.

2. Connecting deeply:

An open heart allows you to connect to yourself and with other people deeply, heart to heart. You create nourishing and authentic relationships and partnerships, full of acceptance, compassion and kindness. And because you feel deeply connected to everyone and everything, you feel safe.

3. Living life to the fullest:

Through an open heart, life is much more colorful. Every challenge becomes and opportunity. You are brave to live the life you desire and not play the safe game, because you feel safe with all the connections you have in your life. And feel supported. But you play to win, in every single moment. To live in ecstasy. You feel alive. And because you are accessing the source, you are accessing your creativity to create a life that you truly desire.

Are you ready to feel true pleasure and excitement again? Ready to feel your radiant heart?

To open one heart is a choice. Knowing how to deal with feelings of pain, when they arise helps also. The most powerful tool is through, to become that source of light for oneself through falling in love with you. Start dating yourself, and find out who you are. And I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll see that you are the one you were always waiting for.

Accessing that power, you can go out and play. Because you have your own self. Everything else is an addition to a complete you. You access something that cannot be taken away from you. So you won’t ever experience that pain again - you felt the very first time.

If you are ready to choose and open heart and let the past go, reach out to start establishing the connection to yourself.

Schedule a complimentary healing consultation here.

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